For Busy Homebuilders At The Finishings Stage

Here’s How You Can Complete Your Building Project Within Budget, with Quality Workmanship, Transparent Quotes And The Flexibility To Build At Your Pace

(without chasing up contractors, getting overcharged for materials or paying extra to redo bad work)

Want our team to build you A Personalised Step-by-Step Plan to guide you in completing your building project so you know exactly who you need to hire, which materials to buy and what order things should be done in? 

This Offer is available at only ZMW 1,000. Book a Free Call to Learn More 

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Take the Guesswork out of Building

Discover your Project's Potential with our All-in-One Home Construction Concierge Service

Dear Busy Homebuilder,

Would it surprise you to know that Rivuuz has helped dozens of homebuilders like you complete stunning building projects that fits their unique design style, budget and building pace?


Of course you are....and you are right to be

But stick with me and I’ll make it worth your while

...And We Do It By Using A Really Simple But Counterintuitive Model 

Its a model we have been fine-tuning since 2020 to help countless homebuilders get their building projects complete without losing their hair or hard-earned cash

Our clients have gone from homebuilder to homeowner and enjoying their beautiful homes and rental income 

...and they never had to fight with ba Mulenga about missing materials or discover plumbing leaks behind their shiny new bathroom tiles 

And best of all you'll fall in love with your building project again because you'll have more time to explore design ideas on Pinterest, not everyday stress ku plot!

Just like James and Petra who built their 

One-of-a-Kind home, Kampamba House 

from start to finish, using our home construction concierge service. 

With each never-been-done-before building request they threw at us, our team got to work finding just the right team for the job, search around for the best materials, supervised, coordinated and project managed the different teams so that everything came together in what is easily one of Lusaka's most gorgeous builds. 

...and when Petra and James would visit the site, they'd on their camping chairs enjoying a glass of wine and soaking in the gorgeous views. 

Sounds amazing right?

From absolute bush to a charming unique home in 6 months - that's the pace, personalisation and quality outcome our model delivers!

And They Are Not the Only Ones!

So....We’ve Decided To Do Something Unusual…

We want you to get a taste of our Personalised Home Construction Concierge service without you making any commitment to build your project with us

Our team will assess your project and create a ridiculously easy to follow step-by-step plan for completing your building project without stress and unnecessary mistakes

First of all we’ll visit your building site,  see what exists, understand your design vision and budget needs

Then we’ll explore and share options on where to start, how to order different stages of work and make the best use of your budget

We'll even throw in plenty of cost-saving tips unique to your project based on years of helping others with similar builds

    What does this mean for you?

    You get a customised step-by-step plan from a team that been there and done that and just genuinely want to help you avoid the many mistakes and heartache we have seen in the industry

    With an investment of only ZMW 1,000 in this Project Discovery Offer, you’ll get a sense of who we are and how we work and if at the end you decide we are not for you (Highly Unlikely 😊) , then you still get an incredibly useful project plan that you can use to hire another team to execute your building project

    A personalised project roadmap….with no strings attached. 

    Easy as that!

    Why Are We Making This Offer?

    Because we know you’ve probably been burnt before.

    You met someone nice and shiny, promised you the world but delivered not a lot…

    So instead of spending time convincing you to build your project with Rivuuz and why we are different....wearing you down, ever so slowly until you reluctantly say ‘Yes’

    Let Us Show You What Makes Us Different

    With our simple, low-risk Project Discovery Service Offer going at only ZMW 1,000 

    If this sounds up your alley, hit the button below, book a date and time to chat about your build

    Yes, I'd love a Personalised Project Plan

    Talk Soon!

    PS: See you on the call! I can’t wait to talk to you and learn more about what you are building.

    I’m looking forward to helping you with your building project

    Limited Spots Remaining